You Couldn’t Make It Up #1

Craig warns about the importance of making checks because fake certificates can be of excellent quality and look very convincing. Indeed there have been cases where we’ve had to look and look again to spot the errors when a university has returned a ‘not verified’ response.

This is not always the case. Sometimes the fake ones are so breathtakingly obvious as to be funny. As we bask in the July sunshine, here’s a story to brighten your day.

The applicant has a real degree from a UK university in Business Administration. They apply for a role as a Claims Manager with an overseas branch of a well-known High Street bank. For some inexplicable reason they decide that Law is a better degree, and cut and paste the word ‘Law’ over the words ‘Business Administration’ on their certificate, then photocopy it to cover up the overlay. Unfortunately, they don’t stick it on straight. The words slope off to the right. On top of that, the edges of the overlay are clearly visible on the copy! This case seems particularly bizarre as the applicant had a perfectly legitimate degree.

This has happened before. Paypal boss Scott Thompson was famously exposed for claiming to hold a degree in Computer Science, when he became the new CEO of Yahoo, despite the fact that he had a perfectly legimitate degree in Accounting, and a proven track record. Needless to say, it cost him his job, and his reputation.


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Jayne Rowley

Jayne is Chief Executive at Graduate Prospects and Hedd

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