Boosting the Signal

After his constructive comments a couple of weeks ago on my post about older graduates I have had some interesting exchanges with Neil Patrick from 40PlusCareerGuru.

Neil’s very kindly covered HEDD and what we’re trying to achieve over on his excellent blog. You can read his thoughts here

Thanks for boosting the signal, Neil.

We’ve had some very positive feedback about the Fake Britain piece, and a renewed interest in our blog here. If you’ve just joined us – welcome, and please feel free to comment.

I was also asked to contribute a piece for the graduate employment and careers magazine Graduate Market Trends about the vicious circle of fraud and what we can do to stop it spinning out of control. You can read the online version here.

I’m still digesting what I learned at a great conference I attended in Washington last month. Verification service providers from all over the world were gathered and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak about HEDD. More later.


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Jayne Rowley

Jayne is Chief Executive at Graduate Prospects and Hedd

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